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Welcome to NW Therapy & Hypnosis

A warm welcome to Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis.

My name is Amanda Walsh. I am a Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Castlebar, Co.Mayo since 2011.

At this point, you may be unsure, of what exactly you require in order to help you make desired changes in your life. The purpose of this website is to reassure you that change is possible and that there are powerful and effective evidence based therapeutic techniques, which have aided countless numbers of people to achieve long-term benefits from therapy. Although it may feel difficult to take that first step, sessions can offer you the chance to overcome difficulties leading to clarity, ease and contentment.

Evidence Based Approach

The vast majority of people underestimate the potential and power, which they possess in their mind. Learning to develop the power of the human mind has huge potential and life changing consequences.

I work very hard to aid my clients in reaching the highest level of success possible for them. Personal issues have many facets; my approach involves tailoring treatment plans to the individual. Adhering to the principles of evidence-based practice provides my clients with the confidence that the treatment they receive, will work and very importantly, that it will result in long-term benefits.

Discovering inner strengths - enhancing enjoyment of life

In my view, it is important that therapy makes sense to clients. I place emphasis on educating, empowering, inspiring and motivating my clients.  Research clearly reveals that empowering clients to gain control in their lives, results in psychological resilience and impacts positively on health.

I invite you to have a browse through the website; there are various pages containing useful information, in addition to, articles which you may find interesting and possibly satisfy your curiosity. 

If you have any queries, please contact me by phone on 083 4147013 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Contact Us

Amanda Walsh MBPsS
IPI Centre,
Breaffy Road,
Co. Mayo 

Phone: 083 4147013

Email: info@therapyandhypnosis.ie


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