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Counselling Castlebar Co.Mayo

At this point, you may be unsure, of where to turn or what exactly you require. Naturally, the word 'therapy' may have a number of connotations for you and it can conjure up a variety thoughts and ideas. Although it may feel difficult to take that first step, therapy can offer you the chance to overcome difficulties leading to clarity, ease and contentment.

I am a Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Castlebar, Co.Mayo offering counselling services to clients from all over Mayo and its hinterland. 

Counselling Services

The role of a counsellor is to listen, support and guide.  I place emphasis on educating and empowering clients.  Empowering clients to gain control in their lives, results in psychological resilience and impacts positively on health.

Adopting a skills training approach to therapy, I train my clients in self - help techniques.  I ensure clients have a range of tools and resources fundamental in dealing with life’s challenges.

You are trained in using skills and techniques based on years of research in the area of psychology, psychotherapy, physiology and related fields.

Developing psychological resilience, therapy allows for transformations, overcoming of difficulties, enabling you to develop skills, which have wide reaching applications.  I essentially provide you with a self-help manual. Providing you with strategies to cope with challenges using powerful and effective techniques.  You gain the potential to apply these invaluable and life-changing skills to various aspects of your life, achieving a sense of control, ease and satisfaction.

For more information on my counselling services, please feel free to contact me:
Phone: 083 4147013
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Contact Us

Amanda Walsh MBPsS
IPI Centre,
Breaffy Road,
Co. Mayo 

Phone: 083 4147013

Email: info@therapyandhypnosis.ie


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